Biography - Ali Marie Geiman

Ali Marie Geiman grew up just outside of Indianapolis, moving to Chicago in 1998 to study at the University of Chicago. While studying pre-med and East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Ali Marie found herself increasingly interested in the surrounding arts community and the support structures for its individual artists. First volunteering, then interning, and soon working full-time, Ali Marie departed from academia to follow her passion in the arts administration field.

In 2002, soon after Dolan moved to Chicago and met Ali Marie, the couple founded an alternative-space gallery in Pilsen known as Hockshop. Hockshop was quickly celebrated in Chicago, both as an exhibition space for fellow emerging artists and as a collective name for the mobile art, fashion, and business savvy of Dolan and Ali Marie. Also during this time, Ali Marie directed Fleur Fine Art gallery in Pilsen from 2003-2004, overseeing monthly exhibitions of contemporary artists as well as managing an extensive collection of folk and outsider artwork.

Most recently, Ali Marie served as administrative manager for 3Arts, an arts foundation supporting the creative development of Chicago's underrepresented artists. After two-and-a-half years with the organization, Ali Marie left in January 2008 to devote herself to her work with Dolan. As the operations manager, marketing director, bookkeeper, web editor, wife, and occasional bait carrier/fishing assistant, Ali Marie has found her dream job building a sustainable arts business alongside Dolan.